Scotland Town Hall

9 Devotion Rd.
PO Box 122
Scotland, CT 06264
M,T,Th 9AM - 3PM
W 11AM - 7 PM
Closed Fridays
Please visit each department's
webpage to confirm their hours.
The building department is available
on Wednesday evenings, and the assessor
and tax collector list their hours on
the department webpage.

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Phone: 860-423-9634

Emergency Management Director


  • Prepare and maintain an emergency operations plan, following the state established format
  • Manage and mobilize the equipment and staff of the municipal Emergency Operations Center (EOC) when appropriate and as directed by the municipal elected officials
  • Attend and successfully complete all training scheduled by state
  • Survey, organize, and coordinate all municipally available manpower, materials, supplies, equipment, facilities, and services necessary for disaster emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation
  • Recommend mitigation measures to reduce disaster effects
  • Coordinate with other municipal emergency service agencies and public and private entities in achieving duties and responsibilities
  • Have current appropriate plans, procedures, guidance and laws issued by the state
  • Have knowledge of the federal and state required plans for your jurisdiction concerning emergencies at dams, schools, day cares.
  • Provide prompt and accurate information regarding municipal disaster emergencies to the appropriate municipal officials and as well as the general public
  • Participate in all tests, drills and exercises, including remedial drills and exercises that pertain to Scotland, as scheduled by the town, state or the Federal government
  • Participate in the integrated flood warning systems program as applicable 
  • Develop mutual aid agreements as applicable with adjacent municipalities for reciprocal emergency assistance

Contact Emergency Management Director -

Phone: 860-450-9198
Scotland Town Hall - 1st Floor


Ernest Mellor
Emergency Management Director