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As most people in all three towns are now aware, Regional District 11 has been charged with conducting two (2) studies regarding educational options for this area.  One study will review the advisability of adding or withdrawing grades to the regional district, thus possibly creating a single school district for grades PreK – 12 in Chaplin, Hampton, and Scotland with the educational plan outlined in that study, including where children would be provided the educational requirements outlined by the state, and how the towns would support that effort.  The outcome of this study could be the formation of a single Board of Education to manage the educational and financial affairs of the programs that are recommended by this study committee.  This study cannot be used to dissolve a school district, per state law.   The second study, as approved by referendum in Scotland and Hampton, will investigate to option of dissolving Regional District 11, and how the educational requirements of the state could be met by each town, in their individual capacity, maintaining each town’s independent Board of Education. 


These studies, when combined, represent the findings that were outlined in the school space analysis study conducted by Milone and MacBroom and authorized by all three towns. That study showed the declining student enrollment statewide and the resulting impact on the towns’ current structures.  The state will now be a part of this study process, and will be able to assess the impact of statewide changes on individual towns.  It is my hope that these studies will provide residents with authoritative information to make informed decisions regarding the future direction of our community.  Please attend meetings when they are posted, stay informed regarding the process and recommendations, and remain open to study results.